Gorbel Tether Track Fall Arrest Systems

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hundreds of workers die and thousands are seriously injured each year by preventable falls in the workplace. These tragic accidents take a huge toll on the families of those killed or injured and cost businesses billions of dollars in medical costs, fines and lawsuits.

Whenever employees work at heights of four feet or more in general industry, a fall arrest system is needed.

Gorbel's Tether Track systems are designed to improve safety and productivity in every industrial environment. These systems can be tailored to a company's specific application — indoors or out — stationary or used in multiple locations.

Gorbel offers a full line of fall arrest solutions. Whether your job requires protection through the day as part of production or once in awhile for occasional activities, Gorbel has a solution to fit your requirements.

Gorbel's Tether Track systems are built on an innovative enclosed track that protects your workers from falling while maximizing their productivity. Unlike some systems, Gorbel's Tether Track systems allow workers to effortlessly pass one another without disconnecting from the system. This minimizes the risk of a fall during the reattachment process.

These systems are available in a variety of track styles and specifications, all engineered to meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA fall protection standards.

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Gorbel Tether Track Fall Arrest System

Gorbel Tether Track Fall Arrest System on an Overhead Crane